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How to Add an Ethernet Port to a Phone or Tablet

Find out how to add an Ethernet port to your phone or tablet to improve speed and connection stability.

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Last Updated: November 11, 2021

Written by Brandon Jones

How Do I Add an Ethernet Port to My Phone or Tablet?

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While you can't add an Ethernet port directly onto a phone or tablet, you can use a USB C to Ethernet adapter to use an Ethernet connection with your device.

Remember that your device needs to have a USB C port or Thunderbolt 3 or higher port to use a USB C to Ethernet adapter. Thunderbolt 3 has the same port shape as USB C, so that is why it's also compatible.

This article will explain what a USB to Ethernet adapter does, how to install one, and which adapter I recommend for your phone or tablet.

  • UGREEN USB C to Ethernet Adapter
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, and most tablets/smartphones.
  • Supports up to 1000 Mb/s Ethernet speeds.
  • Plug and play with the latest OS versions, so you can use the adapter without installing extra drivers.
  • UGREEN USB C to Ethernet Adapter on Amazon (affiliate link). UGREEN USB C to Ethernet Adapter

Below, you can also find my Recommended Ethernet Cables to get the correct Ethernet cable for your setup.

What Is a USB to Ethernet Adapter?

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A USB to Ethernet adapter is a way to use a wired Ethernet connection directly to your phone or tablet. The adapter plugs into one of the USB ports on your device. Then you can plug an Ethernet cable into the adapter. Having a direct connection from your device to your router with an Ethernet cable is an excellent alternative to Wi-Fi.

Why Do I Need an Ethernet Port on My Phone or Tablet?

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If you're having trouble with the Wi-Fi on your device or want to improve speed and connection stability, you may be wanting to use Ethernet instead. Since your device doesn't have an Ethernet port, this becomes a limitation.

You should use an Ethernet port if you want a more stable and faster connection and don't mind having to run a cable to your phone or tablet from a router. Unlike Wi-Fi, there's no chance of the connection cutting out from objects or walls interfering or being too far away from the router. Ethernet cables are a direct connection that eliminates those obstacles.

How to Use a USB to Ethernet Adapter

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To use a USB to Ethernet adapter, plug the adapter into the main port (USB C or Thunderbolt) on your phone or tablet, then plug an Ethernet cable into the end of the adapter.

After that, you plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into your router. Your internet should work after that. If your internet doesn't, try restarting your device.

If you're still having connection issues, it may be a sign of your router going bad. Check out my related article for some troubleshooting tips: Is My Router Bad/Broken? How to Tell if You Need a New Router.

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Finding Ethernet cables which comply with their category rating can be a little tricky. Some manufacturers use misleading or incorrect naming, and their cables do not allow you to get the maximum expected speeds.

Here are some cables which I recommend: